Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is my sister Amanda.
This picture, I feel, typifies her.

She is in Vietnam right now doing a "school / work" thing.
(You will have to go to her blog and check out all her adventures
I have always admired Amandas zest for life.
This is how she does everything in life
All out
She absolutley excels at everything she does, and its probably because she leaps at life like she is leaping into the water.
I miss her.
I am so proud of her!
Love you


MamaSmith said...

is there a *like* button in the blogging world?

Let the party begin... said...

She's definitely living life to the fullest!

AmandaMarieSmith1 said...

Oh wow, I thought it was weird writing about myself on a blog; reading about myself on someone else's blog is even odder... at least you're saying nice things :)

Love you Kristine! We'll go do some "zesty" things together in Samoa SOON! NO CHALLENGE!!